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  1. Here I want to give you a full introduction to my self. It includes many details about me in my opinion.

  2. Also, I want to give you a brief introduction to my website. I’ve been looking forward to owing a personal website for a long time. And finally I have the chance to do it.

  3. There’s also some other things I want to tell you.

About me


My name is Bill Haku. You may wondering why I’m called Bill Haku, so here I will give you a full explaination.

The first name Bill is a common English male name, but infact I got this name inspired from one of my idols when I was young, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. It is a great achievement for him to create Windows Operating System and make it a home-known name. Supported by one of my English Teacher in my primary school, I got this name until now.

The Last name Haku is an expression of my Chinese Family name in English. In fact, you can understand it if you can speak Japanese and know the Roman pronunciation in Japanese. My Chinese Family name shares the same character in Japanese, and it is pronaunced as Haku in Japanese, which is easier for most people to read and speak in the world.

Traditionally, Chinese people call the family name before the first name. Hence, sometimes my public account is called hakubill, rather than Bill Haku, the form of habits in English. (eg.: the domain name of this website is hakubill.tech)

Other Basic Infomations about me

Gender: Male

Of course, I’m a male and I am 100% heterosexual.

Nationality: China

I was born in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, and I am 100% Chinese and Han.

School: UESTC

University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) (English Official Site) is a beautiful campus situated in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. I was majored in Software Engineering .

Contact Infomation

You are recommended to get contact with me by Email.

Also, you are welcomed to contact me at any time if you have any questions.

Work Language

  • English: Recommended
  • Simplified Chinese: Native
  • Traditional Chinese: It is never too hard for a Chinese to understand both Simplified and Traditional Chinese.
  • Japanese

My Values

  • Something should be free.

    It is one’s freedom to say, to write, to publish something although it may be contradicted to the values or principles of some people, including people who are influential.

  • I love China and the CPC.

    I love my country, China and I am proud of it. ALso, I love Communism and the Communist Party of China. I support all the laws in People’s Republic of China and support the leadership and reasonable instructions of the CPC.

  • I support the open-source spirit.

    I support the open-source spirit. All the articles and the whole work is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. Almost all of my works have been open-sourced on Github licensed under MIT License or other licenses. In addition, I will give priority to open-source softwares in my daily life.

  • I support the Internet spirit.

    I stongly oppose the concentration of information and traffic on a certain platform. For example, Wechat Official Accounts. In fact, I’ve found that it has got the essence of RSS but it limited all the users and content creators on its own platform. I firmly believe that the Internet should be a public space and the entrance of the Internet should be a web browser but a certain application.

    It should be admitted that some social media platforms including Twitter and Weibo provided an easier way for common people to express their opinions and share their life. However, the centralized approach is not in line with the Internet spirit.

    Hence, I registered a domain name from ICANN and everyone can access my website by a web browser. Also, I recommend everyone to use RSS Feed to get in touch with informations on the Internet.

  • I respect the rights and privacy of others.

    I do not collect any information from this website. Also, I respect all your reasonable rights.

  • I oppose discrimination.

    Everyone should be treated equally. Regardless of your nationality, gender, age, ethnicity, religious belief, personality and sexual orientation, I will do my best to ensure that you are treated fairly. If you think I have discriminated against you, please contact me immediately and I will correct it immediately.

About This Website

This website is a personal website of me. I have been looking forward to owing a personal website for a long time. And finally I have the chance to do it.

You can know about me.

I have provided a full introduction to my self. It includes many details about me in my opinion. Read the About me part of the article carefully if you didn’t. And if you still have any question, contact me by Email.

A place to write technology blogs in English

I will try to write English technology blogs and post them on this website. If I want to write something about others, just like articles that are slightly closed to literature, I will write them in Chinese and you can read them on Zhuaiyuwen Site

A place to share my achievements

Althought I’m trying to make it a place to share my achievements, it is really too early to say that I had made any achievements. Anyway, I will try it and please wait for me.

My works

Genshin Pizza Helper

Genshin Pizza Helper is an iOS game tools app for Genshin Impact Players. After logging in into Hoyoverse, it can get all your resin data, expedition data and many other infos, which can also be displayed in the Widget of iOS homescreen and lock screen and also Apple Watch.

By the end of 2022, Genshin Pizza Helper have reached almost 200,000 downloads in the App Store.

Qingshuihepan App - Official iOS App of BBS of UESTC


Copyright Šī¸ 2022-present Bill Haku.

Released under the MIT license.

Bill Haku
Bill Haku
Software Engineer

A software engineer who loves coding.